Painting is a mirror of my deepest feelings, my opportunity to express and create beauty out of nothing. It soothes and comforts when the loud “chatter of the mind” gets in my way of seeing the beauty in life. Painting provides the quietness I need to once again connect with myself and be open to the wonders and passions of life.

It is a privilege to be able to sit in the comforts of the studio in my home, listening to the joyful music I love, and just paint! Most of the time, I have no idea where to start, which direction the color will take me or where the journey will lead me. I just start painting, “feel it” and let it evolve! It has become a favorite passion to imagine and experience the different colors next to one another as they fall upon my palate.

Painting is a place for personal growth for me. When painting doesn’t feel like fun, or if I get too close to a painting, too attached to how it looks, I take a step back and give space to the project. I use that as a metaphor for life. It has also taught me to quiet the voices that speak of the self doubt and the need to control. Each new piece has helped me trust the ebb and flow of the evolving painting, and in turn, to trust the ebb and flow of my evolving life.

Painting is a gift I allow myself and it is my way to touch and connect with people. It is my wish that through my art, I can share my desire to inspire others to feel joy, love and beauty. We all need reminders of how much love, joy and beauty permeate our lives if we only open our eyes to their presence, regardless of the moment to moment challenges that can obstruct our true visions.

While I have taken a few art classes locally, art was not my major in school. I have a background in Communication and Leadership training. I live in Sarasota with my husband and thirteen year old son. Fourteen years ago, I awoke late one night driven by a vision to paint. I sat down to a canvas that night and painted a mother with a blue eyed baby. A month later I found out I was pregnant! Assuming that our baby would have brown eyes matching mine and my husband’s, I changed the eyes of my painted baby to brown. Guess what? We have a blue-eyed boy! I have been painting ever since. I think it was meant to be.

I am deeply grateful for the amazing support of family and friends. There is never a moment that I am not present with that appreciation. To have this opportunity to express, create and include others with me in the process, is pure heaven!



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